Wild Garlic Galore

The inescapable nature of wild garlic in spring and a recipe for pesto


Asparagus – Green or White, a Seasonal Treat

Doesn’t matter if you prefer green or white, now’s the time to feast on asparagus (with recipes)

Bärlauch is Back

Wild garlic is back in season. It catches me off guard every spring. Just a month ago there was no sign of it. In another month or so it will retreat beneath the ground, not to be seen again till next year. I rejoice at its reappearance, grab my basket, don my boots and set… Continue reading Bärlauch is Back

Green Saucery

Must be on account of the endless, unrelenting grey of recent days but I can’t stop making this brilliant green sauce: 100g of green leaves (preferably edible), blanched, blended, creamed and lightly thickened with cornflour – the sauce takes about 9 minutes from start to finish. Serve with pasta, or chicken breasts or the kind… Continue reading Green Saucery