Vacherin Mont d’Or – an Autumn Treat

Autumn signals open season for one of the greatest cheeses known to woman: a wondrous, washed-rind, cow’s milk cheese that comes on the market every September, made in small dairies in the Jura mountains, on both the Swiss and French sides of the border.

Favourite Holiday Food

I’m feeling a little flat (not to mention a similar-sounding word that’s shorter by one letter) after the holidays, but it was brilliant fun and I’m consoling myself with the memory of it all, from the planning (love figuring out what we’re going to eat) right through to the feasting. Best/favourite foods of the holidays?… Continue reading Favourite Holiday Food

Keep Calm…Carry on Cooking!

The menu at my last workshop of the season (Keep Calm…Carry on Cooking) took us around the world, starting in Alsace with little charlottes of fresh choucroute with smoked salmon turned out over a lamb’s lettuce salad and surrounded with avocado segments. Next we headed for Morocco with some cigar-sized crispy brik pastry parcels filled with… Continue reading Keep Calm…Carry on Cooking!