A Different Kind of Tarte Tatin

Tarte tatin doesn’t have to be made of pommes (aka apples). It can also be made with pommes de terre (aka spuds). Here’s a wicked recipe from Geoffroy Vieljeux, erstwhile host at one of the world’s most stylish B&Bs, Mas Parasol near Uz├ęs, now sadly no longer functioning. We’re talking an upside-down potato tart here.… Continue reading A Different Kind of Tarte Tatin

Upside-down Quince Tart

Every year, the branches of my quince tree are lit up with golden globes of deliciously perfumed fruit. First I make jelly, then I make quince cheese (paste) – wonderful with a sharp cheese such as Manchego or any of those wonderful Catalan artisan cheeses I recently wrote about in an article in the Weekend… Continue reading Upside-down Quince Tart