Millésimes Alsace 2018

Millésimes Alsace, which just celebrated its fourth outing, is the only serious wine salon for professionals devoted entirely to the great white wines of this underexplored and undervalued region. If you’re at all interested in what’s happening in the wonderful, complex, rewarding world of Alsace wine, it’s a must. 


Why don’t more French restaurants do wines by the glass?

Considering France’s reputation where wine is concerned, it’s always puzzled me that their restaurants are so stuck in the Dark Ages when it comes to offering decent drops by the glass. Feel feel to disagree (better still, give me lots of addresses to prove me wrong) but my impression is that eateries in almost any… Continue reading Why don’t more French restaurants do wines by the glass?

Katzenthal – ever heard of it?

Katzenthal is an unassuming little Alsace vineyard village tucked away in the foothills of the Vosges. It’s not exactly on anyone’s beaten track and you have to mean to go there. Most people miss it, thundering by on the main road to Kaysersberg (for a tasting at Madame Faller et ses Filles perhaps?) or heading… Continue reading Katzenthal – ever heard of it?

Domaine Rieffel, Mittelbergheim, Alsace

I first came across Rieffel wines when visiting the domaine together with a group of UK wine writers in 2007, and haven’t looked back since. Whenever I’m up in the Bas-Rhin – as happened this week –  I make a point of looking in on this prime 10-hectare domaine in the beautiful village of Mittelbergheim… Continue reading Domaine Rieffel, Mittelbergheim, Alsace