Ageing Gracefully

A chance to taste wines from Wädenswil, Switzerland’s viticultural research centre, and to judge how they have aged over a 60-year timespan


Grand Prix du Vin Suisse (GPVS)

The re-tasting and final selection of wines for Switzerland’s annual Grand Prix du Vin Suisse provides a snapshot of the Swiss wine world today. The full results will be announced in Bern at the end of October… this space

Mémoire des Vins Suisses

Way back in the 90s when I contributed the ‘chapter’ on Swiss wines in Hugh Johnson’s Pocket Wine Guide (all of two pocket-sized pages), I noted that “most Swiss wines are drunk young”, and that “almost all good growers sell out their entire production within about 6 months of bottling”. I also observed that “the… Continue reading Mémoire des Vins Suisses

Swiss Wines – The Tingle Factor

Swiss wines are catching the attention of a few curious wine drinkers and making ripples, if not actual waves. At a time when more and more of us are interested in sampling curiosities and hunting down original, exciting wines that stand out from the crowd, these Alpine treasures are worth seeking out.