Keep Calm…Carry on Cooking!

The menu at my last workshop of the season (Keep Calm…Carry on Cooking) took us around the world, starting in Alsace with little charlottes of fresh choucroute with smoked salmon turned out over a lamb’s lettuce salad and surrounded with avocado segments. Next we headed for Morocco with some cigar-sized crispy brik pastry parcels filled with… Continue reading Keep Calm…Carry on Cooking!

Green Saucery

Must be on account of the endless, unrelenting grey of recent days but I can’t stop making this brilliant green sauce: 100g of green leaves (preferably edible), blanched, blended, creamed and lightly thickened with cornflour – the sauce takes about 9 minutes from start to finish. Serve with pasta, or chicken breasts or the kind… Continue reading Green Saucery

Choucroute, aka Sauerkraut

Everyone knows Sauerkraut. How about choucroute? Same difference. Well, almost. Choucroute is just the French name for it – so much sexier than Sauerkraut, which sounds like a German on a bad day. The name choucroute (I’m sticking with its French nomenclature, living as I do in Alsace) indicates not just the raw material –… Continue reading Choucroute, aka Sauerkraut

Who Sez Real Men Don’t Eat Quiche?

Well in our house they do, so there. Here’s the thing: real men go for plump, well filled quiches – think Rubens rather than Modigliani. Away with your slender, low-fat jobs, a quiche is (or should be) something succulent and delicious. The only absolute no-no is soggy bottoms (pace Rubens). Here’s an all-purpose recipe for… Continue reading Who Sez Real Men Don’t Eat Quiche?