Pinot Noir from Alsace

If you think Alsace makes only white wine, think again: Pinot Noir is making waves too…

Lunch @ Lalique

Planning an Alsace expedition any time soon? Consider a visit to Wingen-sur-Moder for the Musée Lalique with lunch at the Villa René Lalique

Vins d’Alsace Schoenheitz, Wihr-au-Val

Wihr-au-Val, a small village that lies just off the main road leading from Colmar up to the Munster Valley, feels like an unlikely place to find fine wines. Here the broad, flat-bottomed valley is vividly green, fringed alternately by vineyards — some of which climb to altitudes of 500 metres — and steeply rising forests of mixed broadleaf… Continue reading Vins d’Alsace Schoenheitz, Wihr-au-Val

Matchmaking in Alsace – Riesling with food

Towards the end of November each year, Thierry Meyer of Oenothèque Alsace plunges down into his cellar in Strasbourg to emerge with armfuls of trusty, dusty bottles. At the same time, chef Jean-Philippe Guggenbuhl starts leafing through his recipe books at La Taverne Alsacienne in Ingersheim near Colmar. Together they come up with a spectacular… Continue reading Matchmaking in Alsace – Riesling with food