Prize-Winning Wines (and Parker Points): Marie-Thérèse Chappaz

Marie-Thérèse Chappaz, iconic Swiss winegrower in the Valais and her prize-(and point-) winning wines


Swiss Wines – The Tingle Factor

Swiss wines are catching the attention of a few curious wine drinkers and making ripples, if not actual waves. At a time when more and more of us are interested in sampling curiosities and hunting down original, exciting wines that stand out from the crowd, these Alpine treasures are worth seeking out.

Vin Jaune & Company – Exploring the Jura

[*a version of this article appears in the February 2015 issue of Decanter.] If you’d asked anyone about France’s Jura region and its wines a couple of decades ago, chances are you’d have received a blank stare. A few enlightened souls might have muttered something about vin jaune, or dredged up memories of faded signs… Continue reading Vin Jaune & Company – Exploring the Jura

Another Bull’s Eye for Fritz Wassmer’s Spätburgunder

Fritz Wassmer has done it again! Last year he took the over-£10 Pinot Noir Regional Trophy in the Decanter World Wine Awards with his Spätburgunder XXL 2007. This year his 2009 walked off with the International Trophy. The tasting notes evoke ‘raspberries, wild herbs, sweet spices – fragrant and luscious with a crisp but soft… Continue reading Another Bull’s Eye for Fritz Wassmer’s Spätburgunder