Millésimes Alsace 2018

Millésimes Alsace, which just celebrated its fourth outing, is the only serious wine salon for professionals devoted entirely to the great white wines of this underexplored and undervalued region. If you’re at all interested in what’s happening in the wonderful, complex, rewarding world of Alsace wine, it’s a must. 

Millésimes Alsace

Ça bouge en Alsace…Alsace’s finest wines are taking their place once more amongst the world’s finest whites. If you’ve missed out on this ongoing transformation, it could be time for a revisit

Millésimes Alsace

For ages I puzzled over the fact that Alsace’s annual Foire aux Vins in Colmar seemed to have remarkably little to do with wine. I remember commenting on this to Etienne Hugel a few years ago. He confirmed, with his trademark grin, that if you wanted to buy a tractor, or a mattress, or a ticket for… Continue reading Millésimes Alsace

Riesling has its day – Millésimes 2012

It’s always been a surprise to me (and plenty of others) that Alsace has never had a first-class wine salon of its own – the kind of forum that serves as a showcase for the region’s finest. Yesterday, with the first edition of Millésimes Alsace,  that changed. The day was titled La Journée du Riesling and featured… Continue reading Riesling has its day – Millésimes 2012