Green Tomatoes, Mexican-style

Tomates verdes aka tomatillos aka Mexican green tomatoes: four sauces


The Return of Real Mexican

Feeling like real Mexican? Here’s a pretty authentic menu to prepare at home including home-made tortillas

Basel’s Ethnic Food Scene

Who’d have thunk it? A few years ago — okay, a bit more than a few — when I first came to Basel, foods common in other European countries, none of them particularly challenging (lamb, seafood), were hard to find. The only fish routinely available was farmed trout or Eglifilets/filets de perches. As for anything vaguely ethnic, forget… Continue reading Basel’s Ethnic Food Scene

Cafe Tacuba Basel

One of the frustrations of eating out in the Basel area is the lack of ‘ethnic’ food that’s a) authentic and b) sensibly priced. In March I reported on Café Tacuba, a new(ish) place on Malzgasse that serves pretty good Mexican food – vanishingly rare round here. I’ve just been to lunch there again and… Continue reading Cafe Tacuba Basel

Real Mexican

Looking for great (read: authentic) Mexican food in the Basel region? Believe me, the best you’ll find is the kind you’ll make yourself – El Sol in deepest Allschwil and Scatola on Nadelberg in downtown Basel have the wherewithal, including terrific fresh corn tortillas that are about as far away from the dreaded Old El… Continue reading Real Mexican