Guacamole: the Green and the Brown of it

Debunking the myth of the avocado stone/pit – and no, it’s not what you think, plus recipe for guacamole (and the real way to keep it green)

Mexican Brunch

Mexicans are seriously into brunch. Me too. OMG, can still remember those weekend brunch feasts in Santa Margarita (‘cuatrocientos dieciocho letra A’), or with friends in Cuernavaca after early-morning tennis, or at the elegant hacienda San Angel Inn in the DF or at popular Sanborns, Mexico’s newsagent-cum-chemist-cum restaurant chain (a bit like France’s FNAC but… Continue reading Mexican Brunch

Festive Finger Food

I’ve had loads of fun in 2012 with my workshops: plenty of variety (Fish for the Fearful, Real Mexican, Spring and Autumn Veggie feasts, Spanish/Catalan cooking, bread, Mediterranean Buffet, Taste of Alsace/Basel/Baden, Party Pieces etc.) with a mix of publicly advertised classes, private workshops (where folks get together their own group and come and cook… Continue reading Festive Finger Food

Does burying the stones/pits in your guacamole stop it going brown?

Actually not. But it’s kind of fun, and tradition in Mexico dictates that this is the way to go, and who am I to quarrel with tradition – especially of the Mexican variety. In fact, what stops guacamole going brown – oxidising – is the exclusion of, erm, oxygen, i.e. air. Harold McGee explains it… Continue reading Does burying the stones/pits in your guacamole stop it going brown?

Real Mexican

Looking for great (read: authentic) Mexican food in the Basel region? Believe me, the best you’ll find is the kind you’ll make yourself – El Sol in deepest Allschwil and Scatola on Nadelberg in downtown Basel have the wherewithal, including terrific fresh corn tortillas that are about as far away from the dreaded Old El… Continue reading Real Mexican