Baden Wines Encore: Martin Wassmer

An advanced lesson on Martin Wassmer’s wondrous wines from Baden’s Markgräflerland

Restaurant Kellerwirtschaft

Eating out in Baden: new review of Franz Keller’s Kellerwirtschaft, Vogtsburg in the Kaiserstuhl

Weingut Dr Heger, Ihringen, Baden/Germany

One of the [many] perks of living here astride three borders (France, Germany, Switzerland) is that we’re within striking distance of some fine vineyards, each with their own distinctive grape varieties and winemaking styles. When stocks of Riesling, Gewurz or Muscat dip below danger levels, we head up to Alsace’s Route des Vins. To top up on the Pinot family… Continue reading Weingut Dr Heger, Ihringen, Baden/Germany