Gazpacho vs. Salmorejo

A dear friend and wonderful cook produced a gorgeous gazpacho for supper on one of these recent warm nights. She explained, slightly apologetically, that the famous iced tomato/cucumber/pepper soup hadn’t initially been destined for our delight, but she’d prepared it in advance for some house guests. At the last minute she discovered that one of… Continue reading Gazpacho vs. Salmorejo

Why would anyone ever eat ANYTHING but tapas?

Love fleeing south at this time of year to feel the warm sun on our backs: we just returned from the best part of a week in Andalucia (Sevilla and C√≥rdoba), neatly sandwiched between a weekend in Barcelona and another in Empord√°. We didn’t do too much sunbathing (there’s always a risk for us northerners… Continue reading Why would anyone ever eat ANYTHING but tapas?