Making Maqluba (or Makloubeh, or Maqlooba)

Maqluba – or maqlooba or even makloubeh – an upside-down meat, veg. and rice ‘torte’ from the Middle East, is a great one-pot meal to have up your sleeve over the Christmas hols, or any other time when you have a houseful of hungry guests


Thighs versus Breasts

I don’t know about you, but for myself, I’m a thighs girl. Thighs are meaty and moist. Breasts are lean and dry. At least as far as my fave poultry birds (viz chicken, duck and guinea fowl) are concerned.  And it’s not just the succulent-ness of thighs, it’s their alluring price.

Finger Food for Parties and Potlucks

Okay, brace yourselves, the holiday season is almost upon us! This morning’s workshop featured a range of stuff which will be nice for parties at home, and/or portable enough to take along to potlucks. First we had a fragrant, Thai-inspired soup (hardly finger food, I agree, but serve it in chic little coffee cups and… Continue reading Finger Food for Parties and Potlucks