The Magic of Mushrooms

We’ve had meagre pickings of wild mushrooms in recent years around here – thanks to last summer’s intense heat there was very little activity on the funghi front and I was afraid that this year would be a repeat performance. But recent tropical rains following on the heels of canicular heat have done the trick… Continue reading The Magic of Mushrooms

Fungi Fever, Mushroom Madness

Mushrooms on your mind? Try some of these gorgeous autumn recipes for wild and/or foraged fungi

Who On Earth Eats Slugs?

It’s a serious question, which occurred to me after I was out this morning in search of mushrooms. After days of relentless rain, the forest is awash with them (slugs, not mushrooms, sadly). Who, for goodness sake, are their natural predators? Not humans – at least not this one. I’m with MFK Fisher (The Art… Continue reading Who On Earth Eats Slugs?