Making Maqluba (or Makloubeh, or Maqlooba)

Maqluba – or maqlooba or even makloubeh – an upside-down meat, veg. and rice ‘torte’ from the Middle East, is a great one-pot meal to have up your sleeve over the Christmas hols, or any other time when you have a houseful of hungry guests


Whole Roasted Romanesco: Good Idea or A Waste of a Fine Vegetable?

Fancy roasting a whole cauli, broccoli or romanesco? Maybe I can save you the bother…

The Dangers of Good Soup

Elizabeth David understood all too well the dangers of good soup, complaining of the temptation to accept second – even third – helpings for fear of ruining your appetite for the rest of the meal. The best plan (especially after the Christmas excesses, ouch) is to give soup pride of place – it’s a meal… Continue reading The Dangers of Good Soup