Alta Alella – Top Bubbles

A visit to Alta Alella, a winery just 20 minutes from downtown Barcelona


Spain’s Top Cavas Sparkle

Still thinking of cava as a cheap alternative to Champagne? Think again…(with news of Spain’s newly published list of topnotch Cavas de Paraje Calificado)

Arrels del Ví – All the Fun of Empordà’s Wine Fair

If you’re anywhere near Sant Martí d’Empuries on the Costa Brava this weekend, be sure to look in on the Arrels del Ví wine fair – a great chance to meet some of Empordà’s top wine makers and taste their wines

Do Anchovies Grow Up To Be Sardines?

Stand on the small town beach in L’Escala on the Costa Brava at dawn, close your eyes and try to visualise the scene a century ago. A procession of white-painted, wooden-hulled anchovy boats makes its way round the point, their triangular lateen sails gracefully inclined as they tack towards the beach. A team of strong… Continue reading Do Anchovies Grow Up To Be Sardines?