‘Tis the season for wild garlic

Rejoice: wild garlic is back in town (plus recipe for wild garlic soup with courgettes & asparagus)

Eating and Drinking Beside the Rhine (Switzerland, France & Germany)

Basel has many merits, but being beside the sea is not one of them. However, the city does have a secret weapon: the Rhine. When the mercury hits the mid-30s as it’s currently doing in our ‘hood (not complaining, mind), thoughts turn to finding the best watering holes beside the river. Now that the weather’s glorious and… Continue reading Eating and Drinking Beside the Rhine (Switzerland, France & Germany)

Carnival is in the Air (again)

Around here in Basel, Alsace and Baden, Fasnacht or carnaval or Fasching (it all depends which country you’re in) is a big deal. You can tell carnival’s in the air when the houses sprout jolly carnivalesque figures on their roofs, and those gorgeous sugar-dusted, deep-fried wonders called Fasnachtskiechli or merveilles de Carnaval start popping up in the shops.

Comfort Food at the Christmas Markets

If you’re feeling oppressed by tat and tinsel, bothered by obese Santas and fed up with canned Christmas carols, it could be time for a visit to the cross-border triangle formed by Alsace, Basel and the Black Forest. Wooden booths like tiny chalets settle down around cathedrals and town halls, offering goods that privilege the… Continue reading Comfort Food at the Christmas Markets

tibits cookbook – now in English

If you check in here occasionally, you’ll know I have a soft spot for tibits, the upmarket fast-food veggie restaurant with branches in Zurich, Bern, Winterthur and Basel, plus one in London. Probably you also know – maybe you already own – their cookbook tibits at home, up until now published only in German by AT… Continue reading tibits cookbook – now in English