Making Maqluba (or Makloubeh, or Maqlooba)

Maqluba – or maqlooba or even makloubeh – an upside-down meat, veg. and rice ‘torte’ from the Middle East, is a great one-pot meal to have up your sleeve over the Christmas hols, or any other time when you have a houseful of hungry guests


Cooking workshops in Alsace

The last couple of weeks in Spain wandering round markets fondling vegetables and feasting on fish was all the inspiration I needed for my next few months’ workshops.The season opens on September 26th with Eat Well: Love Vegetables. We’ll take a basketful of late summer vegetables (still hoping my multi-coloured, many-sized tomatoes will ripen) and… Continue reading Cooking workshops in Alsace

Grilled aubergine, courgette and pepper torte with goat’s cheese

This yummy grilled vegetable torte is guaranteed to bring summer to the table even if the weather outside is reliably horrid. It’s great with anything from the barbie (fish, chicken), or wheel it out for a main course veggie dish and serve it with couscous and a leaf salad. There’s a bit of prep work… Continue reading Grilled aubergine, courgette and pepper torte with goat’s cheese