Three Kings in Lörrach

At a recent tasting over lunch in the cosy dining room of award-winning wine grower Hanspeter Ziereisen in Efringen-Kirchen (research – honest – for my upcoming wine travel piece for Decanter), the talk turned (as is its wont) to what’s cooking in this southwestern corner of Germany, close to the Swiss border. Between us we… Continue reading Three Kings in Lörrach

Why would anyone ever eat ANYTHING but tapas?

Love fleeing south at this time of year to feel the warm sun on our backs: we just returned from the best part of a week in Andalucia (Sevilla and Córdoba), neatly sandwiched between a weekend in Barcelona and another in Empordá. We didn’t do too much sunbathing (there’s always a risk for us northerners… Continue reading Why would anyone ever eat ANYTHING but tapas?

Real Mexican

Looking for great (read: authentic) Mexican food in the Basel region? Believe me, the best you’ll find is the kind you’ll make yourself – El Sol in deepest Allschwil and Scatola on Nadelberg in downtown Basel have the wherewithal, including terrific fresh corn tortillas that are about as far away from the dreaded Old El… Continue reading Real Mexican

Carnival ice cream sandwiches

Carnival is all around us – over in the Black Forest, they’ve already begun their Fasnet, while for many others, carnival will start next week with Mardi Gras/Shrove Tuesday. The week after, commencing at 4 a.m. on Monday 27 February, Basel will burst into a cacophony of pipes and drums (accompanied by burnt flour soup… Continue reading Carnival ice cream sandwiches

Rachael Sills @ KäseSwiss

Amy Eber, Food Scout at WRS, recently invited me to join forces with her at an American Women’s Club of Zurich foodie event. The chat was all about what’s good to eat in Switzerland, and where and when to find it. With map in hand we did a whistlestop virtual tour round the Confederation, each… Continue reading Rachael Sills @ KäseSwiss

Fromage Fort – a good home for leftover cheese

Just before Christmas my son, who’s based in Barcelona (okay, someone has to be), was down in Huelva visiting friends, who took him to see a cheese maker up in the sierra. Knowing my fondness for all things cheese-y, and thinking I might by now have eaten my fill of Swiss beauties and/or be tiring… Continue reading Fromage Fort – a good home for leftover cheese

A lobster lunch

From time to time, Thierry Meyer of (and formerly Alsace correspondent for the Bettane & Dessauve Grand Guide des Vins de France), together with chef Jean-Philippe Guggenbuhl of La Taverne Alsacienne near Colmar cook up an appealing plan. Keeping a collective ear close to the ground – and an eye on the market –… Continue reading A lobster lunch