Yorkshire Beef Rules OK (including in Paris)

A little snippet of mine published in FT Weekend on Bastille Day – an irresistible story for me, a rosbif born and raised in Yorkshire, now resident in France… Tim Wilson, a Yorkshire farmer who raises rare breeds on the edge of the North York Moors, has made a name for himself with his superb… Continue reading Yorkshire Beef Rules OK (including in Paris)

Grilled aubergine, courgette and pepper torte with goat’s cheese

This yummy grilled vegetable torte is guaranteed to bring summer to the table even if the weather outside is reliably horrid. It’s great with anything from the barbie (fish, chicken), or wheel it out for a main course veggie dish and serve it with couscous and a leaf salad. There’s a bit of prep work… Continue reading Grilled aubergine, courgette and pepper torte with goat’s cheese

Sunny Summer Food

For my last workshop before I brought down the shutters for a month or two, the vote from a private group was for sunny summer stuff from around the Mediterranean. To start with we made a gazpacho de fresones, a nice twist on the classic gazpacho from chef Anton Canelles, formerly of Restaurant Senzone at… Continue reading Sunny Summer Food

La Piratita – Basel’s Pop-up Mexican

STOP PRESS: La Piratita shut down earlier in 2013 and Cafe Tacuba also closed its doors. Good news: La Piratita has now opened up in a new locale, in the Restaurant Luzernerring, on the corner of Hegenheimerstrasse. All details in Eating Out Alsace, Basel and Baden. Mexican restaurants in Basel are like the Number Nine… Continue reading La Piratita – Basel’s Pop-up Mexican

Life is a bowl of cherries (and I feel a clafoutis coming on)

Our local cherry trees are loaded with fruit and the cows currently on maternity leave in the nextdoor field are sheltering gratefully beneath their leafy branches (probably pinching a few cherries too). Time for clafoutis, a gorgeous baked cherry pancake. Dust it with icing sugar and serve it warm. A little vanilla ice cream doesn’t… Continue reading Life is a bowl of cherries (and I feel a clafoutis coming on)

Roll over Pavlova

Soft fruits are in season again and thoughts are turning ineluctably to Pavlova. You’ve probably made a good few in your time (especially you Antipodean readers). Ah, but how about a rolled up Pavlova? Ages ago I got a fabulous-sounding recipe from friend and supercook (make that Masterchef) Liz Franklin. The ingredients were as for… Continue reading Roll over Pavlova