A lobster lunch

From time to time, Thierry Meyer of oenoalsace.com (and formerly Alsace correspondent for the Bettane & Dessauve Grand Guide des Vins de France), together with chef Jean-Philippe Guggenbuhl of La Taverne Alsacienne near Colmar cook up an appealing plan. Keeping a collective ear close to the ground – and an eye on the market –… Continue reading A lobster lunch

Fancy a fondue?

To many non-Swiss, fondue is a bit of a Seventies cliché. In Switzerland, it’s just an uncomplicated, convivial, warming winter dish – just right for this week when the temperature has been struggling to get its head above zero. There are no hard and fast rules about which cheese to use – at least none… Continue reading Fancy a fondue?

A mind for marmalade

By the time I get down to Seville in March, the orange crop will be finished and the 25,000 bitter orange trees that flourish in the city’s patios and plazas will be bursting into bloom all over again. The Sevillanos themselves barely use the oranges that have made their city – at least in British… Continue reading A mind for marmalade

Feasting and tasting in Catalunya

If you’re planning a gastronomic foray any time soon, consider Catalunya (or Catalonia as we Anglos persist in calling it). It’s one of Spain’s foodiest regions, right up there with the Basque Country. It also has wine (unlike the Basque Country, which has Txakoli), ranging from over-hyped, over-priced Priorat  to decently made drops from indigenous… Continue reading Feasting and tasting in Catalunya

Who Sez Real Men Don’t Eat Quiche?

Well in our house they do, so there. Here’s the thing: real men go for plump, well filled quiches – think Rubens rather than Modigliani. Away with your slender, low-fat jobs, a quiche is (or should be) something succulent and delicious. The only absolute no-no is soggy bottoms (pace Rubens). Here’s an all-purpose recipe for… Continue reading Who Sez Real Men Don’t Eat Quiche?

A Real Ferme Auberge in the Vosges

After Christmas we made our usual pilgrimage up into the Vosges for a spot of much needed fresh air and exercise, followed by a robust lunch at a real ferme auberge. So what makes a ferme auberge real? Years ago, when I was working on my book A Taste of Alsace, I interviewed the then… Continue reading A Real Ferme Auberge in the Vosges

Kaffee und Kuchen at Café Decker in Staufen, Germany

Last weekend we nipped across the Rhine to give our friends from Beaujolais a little taste of the Black Forest. After an impressive lunch at the Kreuz-Post in Staufen (it’s going into Eating Out in Alsace, Basel and Baden sharpish) followed by a quick raid on the Christmas market and a visit to the Schladerer… Continue reading Kaffee und Kuchen at Café Decker in Staufen, Germany