Who On Earth Eats Slugs?

It’s a serious question, which occurred to me after I was out this morning in search of mushrooms. After days of relentless rain, the forest is awash with them (slugs, not mushrooms, sadly). Who, for goodness sake, are their natural predators? Not humans – at least not this one. I’m with MFK Fisher (The Art… Continue reading Who On Earth Eats Slugs?

What’s the Point of Growing Broad Beans?

Every year, prompted by fond memories of Mum’s walled veggie garden, I fall once again for the great broad (aka fava) bean trick. One look in the catalogues at those pictures of plump pods bursting with the promise of beautiful green beans and I’m off again. I sow the big brown seeds early in my… Continue reading What’s the Point of Growing Broad Beans?

Autumn Workshops – Save the Date(s)

Now and again I give workshops here in my country kitchen in Alsace – not too many so as to keep things fresh, and to leave time for writing (and gardening, and cooking, and playing tennis, and getting down to Catalunya to see the kids and Marc). These are hands-on sessions, not demos. Some are… Continue reading Autumn Workshops – Save the Date(s)

Alp Cheese is Tops

For the past twenty-three years, between June and early September, Ernst and Margrit Kübli have moved their Simmentaler cows from their farm in the valley up to an alp above Saanenmöser in the Bernese Oberland. The Chalet Horneggli, where they spend the whole summer, is the real deal, weathered and darkened by the years. From… Continue reading Alp Cheese is Tops

Yorkshire Beef Rules OK (including in Paris)

A little snippet of mine published in FT Weekend on Bastille Day – an irresistible story for me, a rosbif born and raised in Yorkshire, now resident in France… Tim Wilson, a Yorkshire farmer who raises rare breeds on the edge of the North York Moors, has made a name for himself with his superb… Continue reading Yorkshire Beef Rules OK (including in Paris)

Grilled aubergine, courgette and pepper torte with goat’s cheese

This yummy grilled vegetable torte is guaranteed to bring summer to the table even if the weather outside is reliably horrid. It’s great with anything from the barbie (fish, chicken), or wheel it out for a main course veggie dish and serve it with couscous and a leaf salad. There’s a bit of prep work… Continue reading Grilled aubergine, courgette and pepper torte with goat’s cheese