Fleurette, Tomme de Vache au Lait Cru

Great opportunity for me to present my book and to introduce some Swiss cheeses at a Guild of Food Writers event in London last week. After a thumbnail sketch outlining the seismic shifts in Switzerland’s little cheese world of late – innovations, renovations, revival of alpine cheeses, introduction of goat’s/sheep’s milk and blue cheeses –… Continue reading Fleurette, Tomme de Vache au Lait Cru

Muscat Grapes Make Great Wine (and Jelly too)

This year our Muscat grapes had a job ripening – but they sure made fabulous jelly, brilliant rich ruby red with a real Muscat flavour. There’s still some around in the shops – buy some and brew up your own. Yummy on buttered toast or stirred into a wine sauce, to go with game.

Mole Coloradito for Mexico’s Día de Muertos

Lovely to be reminded of Susana Trilling’s mole coloradito in a recent mailing from her Seasons of My Heart cooking school in Oaxaca – how I wish I could be down there for Mexico’s major three-day festival, celebrated over All Saints and All Souls! Never mind, I’m consoling myself with this gorgeous recipe, adapted and… Continue reading Mole Coloradito for Mexico’s Día de Muertos

Vendanges 2012 chez Zusslin, Alsace

It’s been a tricky year for Alsace wine growers, confirms Jean-Paul Zusslin of Domaine Zusslin in Orschwihr – drought in winter and spring, bitter cold alternating with deluging rain, heatwaves and more monsoon rains. Growing grapes and making wine is a challenge at the best of times, in the best of years; this year’s been… Continue reading Vendanges 2012 chez Zusslin, Alsace

A [Better] Taste of the Languedoc

In an earlier post about Languedoc, I was feeling so grumpy about the miserable food we met on our recent visit that the region’s new wave wine makers – the whole point of stopping off there – got rather short shrift. Here are some comments on the wineries we visited and enjoyed, plus some we… Continue reading A [Better] Taste of the Languedoc

Languedoc wines rock…shame about the food

When on my travels I’m at least as interested in what’s on my plate as in the contents of my glass. The places that do it for me are the ones that offer stimulating food and interesting wines in equal measure. Little wonder I feel at home in Alsace (where I live) and in Catalunya… Continue reading Languedoc wines rock…shame about the food