Upside-down Quince Tart

Every year, the branches of my quince tree are lit up with golden globes of deliciously perfumed fruit. First I make jelly, then I make quince cheese (paste) – wonderful with a sharp cheese such as Manchego or any of those wonderful Catalan artisan cheeses I recently wrote about in an article in the Weekend… Continue reading Upside-down Quince Tart

A Nice Piece of Skirt, aka onglet

I’m quite brave about buying fish, best of all something weird and wonderful that I’ve never cooked or eaten before. But I’m a whole lot less adventurous when it comes to meat. This week, while checking out the fish at Match, my eye strayed to the meat counter and fell upon a piece of onglet.… Continue reading A Nice Piece of Skirt, aka onglet

In Praise of Lunch

I love lunch. I like it at home – something simple: a salad of tomatoes and basil with a selection of cheeses… an omelette aux fines herbes…quesadillas with sweetly oozing raclette cheese and guacamole front-loaded with cilantro/coriander…And I like lunch out, whether it’s somewhere swanky like the Auberge de l’Ill (ca. €100) or the menú… Continue reading In Praise of Lunch

Quince – the forgotten fruit

If you’ve not yet met a quince, you’ve a treat in store. These fragrant, downy, golden globes, distant relatives of the apple family, are not so much forbidden fruits as forgotten fruits. Mine are ripening now on the tree and I’m also beginning to sight some in the shops and markets here in Alsace and… Continue reading Quince – the forgotten fruit

Swiss Cheese Tasting @ La Fromagerie, 11th September

High in the Swiss Alps the days are shortening, there’s a nip in the air and the cows (and their owners) are getting ready to come down off the alp: time to remember and celebrate Swiss cheese! On Wednesday 11th September we’ll be scaling the heights of Swiss mountain cheese at London’s La Fromagerie in… Continue reading Swiss Cheese Tasting @ La Fromagerie, 11th September

Cooking workshops in Alsace

The last couple of weeks in Spain wandering round markets fondling vegetables and feasting on fish was all the inspiration I needed for my next few months’ workshops.The season opens on September 26th with Eat Well: Love Vegetables. We’ll take a basketful of late summer vegetables (still hoping my multi-coloured, many-sized tomatoes will ripen) and… Continue reading Cooking workshops in Alsace

Great Views, No Loos, Dreary Food

Okay, I admit I was a tad grumpy before ever arriving at Gérald Passédat’s La Table in the MuCEM, the spectacular new Museum of Mediterranean and European Civilisations right on Marseille’s waterfront. A mail confirming my reservation had informed me that le port d’une tenue de ville est recommandé (basically: please don’t show up in… Continue reading Great Views, No Loos, Dreary Food