‘A really excellent book on the lesser known artisanal Swiss cheeses, charmingly illustrated with old prints and paintings, thorough but never dry, explaining exactly how each cheese is made, how it tastes and the story of the producer chosen to represent it.’
Fiona Beckett in The Cheese Lover

‘A beautifully illustrated travel book about cheese…picks out 28 of the best Swiss cheeses, reveals how they’re made and introduces you to cheesemakers across the country.’
Diccon Bewes in Swisswatching

‘Die Autorin ist mit Leib und Seele in diese “wundervolle Welt des Käses” eingetaucht.’ (The author has immersed herself, body and soul, in what she refers to as ‘the wonderful world of cheese’.)
Andrea Bollinger in Basler Zeitung December 2011

‘A meticulous and passionate book on this important symbol of the Swiss heritage, which opens the landscape of Swiss cheese to a large number of international readers and travellers
Anton Thalmann, Ambassador of Switzerland to Great Britain

‘A poetic book, quietly expressing the author’s passion in her quest to discover the world of Swiss cheese. Running through all Sue Style’s writing is an underlying theme that words are important, that they can communicate respect for the reader’s intelligence and perceptions, and thereby add to a shared community of knowledge and pleasure…
Don Croton, author of Outside/Inside: Growing up in the Great Depression

‘Nous avons bien reçu votre livre et nous sommes réellement enthousiasmés par son contenu! Nous sommes bien contents de nous voir ainsi, on s’y retrouve, c’est notre vie qui nous est racontée …magique!(‘We have received a copy of your book, and we are really thrilled with the content! We are very happy to see ourselves portrayed like this…we find ourselves in its pages, it’s as if our way of life is being related to us.. magic!’
Isabelle Mottier, wife of Claude-Alain Mottier, makers of L’Etivaz alp cheese featured in Cheese: Slices of Swiss culture

‘An incredible reference work about cheese and its significance in Switzerland, with so much insight into the history and culture behind the food
Janice Binkert, former editor Swissair Gazette

‘Just the right amount of cheese and cheese making, with a hint of Style. You feel like you’re perched on the author’s shoulder, watching the cheese being made, sleeping in the double bed in the chalet kitchen, waiting to get up in the morning to milk the cows and watch the curds being stirred.
Madeleine de Bruijn, author of Write On! A Nonresident Alien’s Impressions of the United States of America and Much, Much More

‘Sue Style, who wrote what remains unquestionably one of the best books in English about Swiss food, A Taste of Switzerland, explores in her latest book the many variations of what is arguably the Alpine Confederation’s best known speciality, from household names to the produce of award-winning artisan cheese makers.’
Gail Mangold-Vine, Swiss News

Sue Style’s long-awaited book on Swiss cheese has come out at last, wittily written and beautifully researched, with fabulous illustrations.’
Anitra Green, Hello Switzerland

2 thoughts on “Reviews

  1. I love this book! I am a Swiss cheese sommelier and while studying for my sommelier test I’ve used your book many times as reference. I’m so amazed at your knowledge, the ability to translate all the local experience you gathered in Switzerland’s different cantons into a digestible and user-friendly information. Really loved the stories and pictures of all the cheese mongers in the different mountains and how you’ve captured them even digging down all the way into the big copper pot to collect the curds. I thought your photo in L’Etivaz about to ascend the telepherique was very sweet 🙂 Love love love your book! I am also giving Korean cooking classes, so if you ever visit Zurich please look me up.

    1. Hi Sherly – what a great job you have! Thanks for the feedback on my cheese book, it was a wonderful project (not least the telepherique up to the alp in L’Etivaz ;-). Looking forward to meeting some time soon, Sue

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