A selection of my books, published in the UK, US, France and Switzerland

coverThe Landscape of Swiss Wine: A Wine-lover’s Tour of Switzerland. Swiss edition: ISBN 978-3-03869-057-3, International edition: ISBN 978-3-03869-073-3 (POD), also available as an eBook ISBN 978-3-03869-013-9 (MOBI), 978-3-03869-012-2 (EPUB). Large format paperback, 188 pages, 60 colour photos, published by Bergli Books, Switzerland.
Hot off the press, published May 2019!
“If you would like to learn more about the treasury of Swiss wines, its spectacular landscapes, unique grape varieties and different cultures, you can’t find any better and more comprehensive book than Sue Style’s long-awaited Landscape of Swiss Wine.” Stephan Reinhardt, Reviewer, The Wine Advocate.

Cheese: Slices of Swiss Culture, ISBN 978-3-905252-20-0, textile-bound hardcover, 256 pages, 270 colour illustrations, 20 recipes, pub. Bergli Books, Switzerland
A journey into the wonderful world of Swiss farmhouse cheeses. Get up-close-and-personal with around 28 of Switzerland’s finest, meet the cheese makers, find out why this cheese, why here, how it’s made, what it tastes like. To order your copy of the book, click here.
And for readers’ reviews, click here

A Taste of Switzerland, ISBN 3-9520002-7-2, hardbound, 160 pages, colour photographs by John Miller, ca. 50 recipes, pub. Bergli Books, Switzerland, Pavilion UK, William Morrow US
“An exceptionally clear account of Swiss history as the backdrop to the emergence and characteristics of the 23 cantonal cuisines.
Alan Davidson, Oxford Companion to Food

Eat and Two Veg, ISBN 0-7153-1010-0, hardbound, colour photographs by Gus Filgate, pub. David & Charles, UK

Not for vegetarians, but for people who are passionate about good food – especially veg. – and who feel free to put together meals in which meat or fish play only a minor role.

Honey, from Hive to Honeypot, ISBN 1-85145-884-0, hardbound, colour illustrations by Graham Evernden, 26 recipes, pub. Pavilion, UK, Chronicle Books US
An exploration of the history of bee-keeping and the domestication of the honey bee, what the bees get up to in the hive, and what keeps the bee-keeper busy, plus is honey good for you or simply good to eat, and why does the taste differ from one type of honey to another.

Fruits of the Forest, ISBN 1-85793-3850, hardbound, colour photographs by John MIller, ca. 50 recipes, pub. Pavilion, UK, Flammarion France
‘A delightful book, witty, elegantly written, with charismatic and imaginative recipes. I’ve often been badgered to do such a book, but doubted if recipes could ever be mixed with literary respectability. I’m glad I never tried. I wouldn’t have done it half as well…’
Richard Mabey, Food for Free

A Taste of Alsace, ISBN 1-85145-398-9, hardback, colour illustrations by John Miller, ca. 50 recipes, pub. Pavilion Books, UK, William Morrow US, Flammarion France
Alsace has been bitterly and bloodily fought over, shaped by the Romans and the Holy Roman Empire, scarred by the Thirty Years War, smiled on by the Sun King, tossed back and forth between two great European nations. Its people, places and pleasures give a glimpse of what makes this such a uniquely fascinating and rewarding place to visit.

The Mexican Cookbook, ISBN 0-600-32410-9 , hardbound, 176 pages, colour illustrations by Martin Brigdale, pub. Hamlyn UK, Larousse US
Mexican food is like its people: a blend of many cultures and influences, warm, colourful, noisy, explosive, complex, full of surprises. This book sets out to distil a little of all these flavours into a selection of dishes for different occasions which can be prepared with ease and authenticity in a non-Mexican kitchen.

10 thoughts on “Books

  1. Could you please advise where or how to purchase the book “A taste of Alsace” by Sue Style? Thank you in advance for your reply.

      1. I have a copy that I bought about 20 years ago; it’s going to the highest bidder. Only kidding; I’d never part with it. But I do hope you find one.

      2. Hi Bob – delighted and honoured to know you have a treasured (probably dog-eared/butter-smeared) copy of A Taste of Alsace in your hot little hands…enjoy!

  2. Is your book on the food of Alsace from the France Gastronomique series available in English? I believe I have all the other books in the series and would love to finish my collection. While I sometimes enjoy the challenge of cooking from a book written in French, English is so much easier for me.

    1. Hi – Alsace Gastronomique is out of print, but last time I checked it was still available on the internet – try Googling and see how you get on…good luck and please let me know. Sue

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