Eating Out in Alsace, Basel and Baden

Here’s my eclectic (and very personal) take on some of the good spots to eat out in our three-cornered region: Alsace/France, Basel/Switzerland and Baden/Germany. As this page was getting a bit long and unruly, I’ve split the reviews into 3 separate sub-pages, one for each country. The idea is that there’s something for every occasion, whether you’re after a budget Indian or a big birthday blowout. A key factor is that they’re all (for me) happiness-producing kinds of places, ones that I’d go back to (and frequently do).

Alsace (where I live) gets the lion’s share of coverage, because it’s the place I know best and where we eat out most often. This section starts with some places close to the Swiss border, then a good few in Colmar and the vineyards and a handful more up in the Vosges.

Basel gets fewer column inches on my eating out front. It’s right on our doorstep but we eat out there less often, partly because it’s expensive (especially given the relentless rise of the Swiss franc against the euro), but also because I find that eating out in Switzerland is generally a stiffer and less convivial experience than in neighbouring Alsace or Germany.

Baden comes in for more and more of my reviews as food (and wine) here continues to improve by leaps and bounds. Ages ago when we came to live in the region, everyone flocked to Alsace to eat, from both Switzerland and Germany. Now the direction of traffic has changed and we often find ourselves heading east across the Rhine – and enjoying the experience.

This is a work in progress, so be sure to check in regularly for new additions and deletions. Click on the link to each page to browse my selection. And if you’ve tried out somewhere and loved (or hated) it, feel free to add your own comments.

Last updated: 17th August 2016




17 thoughts on “Eating Out in Alsace, Basel and Baden

  1. Hi Sue – very happy to find your blog! It looks great. My husband and I come from Melbourne in Australia and are staying in Freiburg for a few weeks. We love good food and are looking forward to trying some of your suggestions. If you have a moment, are there any that you recommend for lunch that we could get to by train or other public transport? We are happy with no frills up to high end, so long as they know what they’re doing and care about the food. Many thanks

    1. Hi Helen – welcome to Freiburg/the Regio! Be sure to ask about the Konus Karte from your hotel or from the Tourist Office – it gives visitors free access to all public transport in Baden, so you can get around to loads of places from Freiburg. In Freiburg itself, try the Wolfshohle, where chef Sascha Weiss is reputed to be doing good things – he moved here recently from Bad Krozingen, and I haven’t been to the new place but he’s a terrific cook and very original. Don’t miss the Kaiserstuhl region (west of Freiburg), great wines, lovely restaurants – top is Schwarzer Adler in Vogtsburg, and their Rebstock also delightful and less pricey. The Restaurant Kaiserstuhl in Niederrotweil is small, cosy, simple and authentic and the Holzofele in Ihringen is fun and creative (1 Michelin bib for good food at sensible prices). In Staufen, try the Kreuz-Post, and in (or close to) Efringen-Kirchen, the Traube in Blansingen is superb (1 Michelin star, I think). Have a look in the Articles section, Germany, of my site too for more tips and travel articles on Baden – enjoy!

  2. Hi Sue Fabulous reviews, La Cave was amazing, The food was prepared to perfection and the wines we had were beautiful Alsace whites. We will go there again today. The waiter who served us was great, he was having a good day, but I can see that it really could depend if he likes who is serving or not.

    Yesterday we tried Restaurant Studerhof, The food was awful. but the view was great:)

    Thanks for the good tips I only wish we had more time to try some of the other places.

    1. Great feedback on your feeding! Good that you struck lucky with the waiter at La Cave and sorry the food was ‘awful’ (what did you have?) at the Studerhof but enjoyed the view – terrific in summer, on the terrace. Keep on testing (and reporting), Sue

  3. Love your reviews and can’t wait to try some in Riquewihr and Colmar when we visit in December, thank you for sharing.

    1. December is a great time to visit, with all the Christmas markets open…enjoy! And look out also for the January issue of Decanter magazine ( which is available from early December – I’ve got a Food & Wine Lover’s Guide in that issue, with new addresses hot off the press.

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