Les 2 Lunes, Wettolsheim

A visit and tasting at Les 2 Lunes in Wettolsheim and wines to look out for

Maison F. E. Trimbach, Ribeauvillé

The Trimbach family and their distinctive timbered and turreted property seem so firmly anchored in Ribeauvillé that it’s easy to suppose they must have been here for ever. The celebrated dynasty has indeed been based in Alsace for centuries: the first Jean Trimbach came originally from the eponymous town in Switzerland, arriving at the beginning… Continue reading Maison F. E. Trimbach, Ribeauvillé

Alsace Wines: Dry, Sweet or Somewhere in-between?

The vexed question of sweetness in Alsace wines refuses to lie down – it’s been the subject of vigorous and enlightening discussion in recent French Wine Society forums in connection with the Alsace Masters-Level Program currently running, headed by Thierry Meyer. Here’s the nuts-and-bolts of a piece I wrote for Decanter in 2009. Sadly, the picture hasn’t changed much… Continue reading Alsace Wines: Dry, Sweet or Somewhere in-between?