Cherchez le Chou[croute]!

Choucroute (aka sauerkraut) with fish – a winning combination

Eating Out Around Basel with Baselgehtaus

If you want the skinny on good places to eat in and around Basel, you have a number of options at your fingertips. First, natch, there’s the Eating Out: Alsace, Basel and Baden page of this site, which I strive womanfully to keep current, and which attempts (not always successfully) to keep a balance between… Continue reading Eating Out Around Basel with Baselgehtaus

Domaine Hering, Barr

Squeezing into the courtyard of Domaine Hering right on the narrow main street of Barr at the northern end of  the Route des Vins is a ticklish business. “Pour les vendanges,” admits Fabienne Hering rufeully, “c’est un peu rock-and-roll!”. If it’s hard to navigate with a car, I can’t imagine what it must be like… Continue reading Domaine Hering, Barr

Smoked Salmon & Fennel Quiche

Quiche is my go-to supper dish, after I’ve staged a lightning raid on the fridge/freezer/store cupboard. Here’s one that provided a refuge for the last bits of our Christmas smoked salmon and a couple of lonely fennel bulbs lurking in the veggie drawer. Most people think cheese is obligatory in quiche; it isn’t (even in… Continue reading Smoked Salmon & Fennel Quiche

Cooking workshops in Alsace

The last couple of weeks in Spain wandering round markets fondling vegetables and feasting on fish was all the inspiration I needed for my next few months’ workshops.The season opens on September 26th with Eat Well: Love Vegetables. We’ll take a basketful of late summer vegetables (still hoping my multi-coloured, many-sized tomatoes will ripen) and… Continue reading Cooking workshops in Alsace

Calçots in Catalunya

If you’ve never eaten calçots, you haven’t lived. What’s a calçot, I hear you cry. Put at its simplest, it’s a sort of cross between a spring onion and a leek. Every year throughout Catalunya, from (roughly) January till Easter, loads of these distinctive, elongated onions are grilled to a frazzle over fierce fires made from vine… Continue reading Calçots in Catalunya