Au Lion d’Or, Rosenau

Red bibs and other delights at the Lion d’Or in Rosenau – restaurant review


A Serious Sausage Feast

A wine-grower with time on his hands, a modicum of marc, some handsome (and probably perishable) sausages, and a group of like-minded friends and/or family – all you need for a February Treberwurstfrass on Lake Biel in Switzerland

Eating Out San Sebastián: Kokotxa

That San Sebastián does stellar food is hardly news. You can feast famously on pintxos, and there are more three-star restaurants than you can shake a stick at. But after a few days perching on bar stools and/or fighting your way to the front to order your food, you need a sit-down job. Most foodies visiting SS… Continue reading Eating Out San Sebastián: Kokotxa