La Fête des Vignerons – the Swiss Winegrowers’ Festival

Switzerland’s famous Fête des Vignerons in its 2019 manifestation

La Fête des Vignerons – Switzerland’s Greatest Wine Party

The Fête des Vignerons, held approximately every twenty-five years in Vevey, is a festival of superlatives, providing a convincing riposte to those who claim that the Swiss don’t know how to party. And the next Fête? It opens tomorrow, 18th July, on the market square in Vevey and will continue with daily performances till 11th… Continue reading La Fête des Vignerons – Switzerland’s Greatest Wine Party

Picnic at Terra Remota

Call me a wine snob, but mostly my heart sinks when an estate lists “wine tourism” as part of their offer. I have visions of chugging around the vineyards in a toy train, headphones clapped tightly to my ears while I fiddle frantically with the audioguide in search of the right language and listen with… Continue reading Picnic at Terra Remota