Chicory & Family

Chicory, the cool kid on the winter salad block, with recipes


Making Maqluba (or Makloubeh, or Maqlooba)

Maqluba – or maqlooba or even makloubeh – an upside-down meat, veg. and rice ‘torte’ from the Middle East, is a great one-pot meal to have up your sleeve over the Christmas hols, or any other time when you have a houseful of hungry guests

Mexico on my Mind – Time for a Workshop?

Mexico’s always on my mind, not least now with news of the recent terrible earthquakes. On a lighter note, autumn/fall brings a wealth of Mexican ingredients into season, like tomates verdes, pumpkins, corn and beans….time for another Mexican workshop?


The Return of Real Mexican

Feeling like real Mexican? Here’s a pretty authentic menu to prepare at home including home-made tortillas


Asparagus – Green or White, a Seasonal Treat

Doesn’t matter if you prefer green or white, now’s the time to feast on asparagus (with recipes)


Workshops – What We Did

It’s been the autumn/fall of the century here in Alsace with heavenly balmy days and some of the most glowing colours ever seen. Workshops were full of warmth and colour too: September took us to Sardinia, with a full-on Mediterranean menu featuring a salad with fresh figs, smoky pecorino sardo, herbs and toasted walnuts, goat’s cheese mousses with… Continue reading Workshops – What We Did


Cornish Pasties

Time for Cornish pasties? Here’s a recipe for 8 of these burnished beauties, great served with salad and chutney.