Wild Garlic Galore

The inescapable nature of wild garlic in spring and a recipe for pesto


L’Oenothèque @Chateau de Villa – The Place to Be in Sierre

If you’re interested in the wines of the Valais you need to get yourself down asap to the Oenothèque of the Chateau de Villa in Sierre, in the heart of Switzerland’s largest and most rewarding winegrowing region

Che Chaschöl – What Cheese!

Chatrina and Peter Mair, makers of sensational sheep’s milk cheeses in Switzerland’s Engadine


Let’s hear it [again] for Emmentaler!

If you always thought Emmentaler was boring and bland, think again – and hunt down the real thing: Emmentaler AOP from Switzerland


Priceless Piora

Switzerland’s alpine cheeses are priceless treasures, but by far the mostly costly is Piora from Ticino


Vin Jaune & Company – Exploring the Jura

[*a version of this article appears in the February 2015 issue of Decanter.] If you’d asked anyone about France’s Jura region and its wines a couple of decades ago, chances are you’d have received a blank stare. A few enlightened souls might have muttered something about vin jaune, or dredged up memories of faded signs… Continue reading Vin Jaune & Company – Exploring the Jura


Vacherin Mont d’Or – an Autumn Treat

Autumn signals open season for one of the greatest cheeses known to woman: a wondrous, washed-rind, cow’s milk cheese that comes on the market every September, made in small dairies in the Jura mountains, on both the Swiss and French sides of the border. Advertisements