Instagram daily photo project for March #ssdailyphoto

I’ve followed a few Instagram daily photo challenges in the past and been amazed at how much I’ve enjoyed them. If you like taking pictures (people, cats, food, wine, birds, windows, flowers….) and you do Instagram, this is for you. (And if you haven’t yet dipped a toe into the Insta-world, give it a go – it’s free and it’s fun.)

The idea is you’re given a calendar month of suggested photo topics, one for each day. Then you hunt around amongst your pictures to see if you have one that will match that day’s challenge – or you take one specially to fit the bill – and you post it to Instagram.

I’ve never created my own challenge, but (deep breath) here goes. The themes for March are listed below. If you have a fun picture you’d like to post that fits the theme for that day, go for it. All you have to do each time is to stick your picture up and add the hashtag, as outlined below.

Example: March 1st kicks off with the topic of ‘sign’. So you post your picture (an inn sign? a signpost?) on Instagram. Below it you add #ssdailyphoto followed by #ss_01 sign. And away you go.

There’s no pressure to post every day (heaven forbid!) and I doubt if I’ll manage that – just do it when you feel inspired and have a picture that you like and that seems to fit the bill. It’s great to see the kind of creative interpretations of each topic people can come up with.

Have fun!

Photo themes for March: #ssdailyphoto

#ss_01 sign

#ss_02 natural

#ss_03 chill

#ss_04 memory

#ss_05 sparkle

#ss_06 walk

#ss_07 damp

#ss_08 hunger

#ss_09 arch

#ss_10 restore

#ss_11 stellar

#ss_12 rocks

#ss_13 taste

#ss_14 wild

#ss_15 graceful

#ss_16 bathe

#ss_17 green

#ss_18 lunch

#ss_19 kid

#ss_20 tart

#ss_21 spring

#ss_22 chair

#ss_23 window

#ss_24 cooperative

#ss_25 family

#ss_26 volcanic

#ss_27 bitter

#ss_28 pink

#ss_29 spirit

#ss_30 crumb

#ss_31 egg

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