Mexico on my Mind – Time for a Workshop?

Mexico is never far from my mind, not least with news of the recent back-to-back earthquakes and the ongoing havoc and trauma caused by these terrifyingly forceful natural events. I’m so relieved to know that our friends there are all safe, whether in the DF, Oaxaca, Juchitán or Jojutla – I hope the same applies to you too and to your loved ones.

On an altogether lighter note – still staying with Mexico – I’m always happy when at this time of year my [Mexican] green tomatoes (pictured) swell to fill their papery husks. When I first started growing these lovely, sharp fruits, I laboriously sowed some precious seeds and watched delightedly as they grew, were planted out and went on to fruit. What’s miraculous is that ever since then, I’ve never needed to sow them again: they seed themselves quite promiscuously all over the garden – take a look inside a tomate verde and you’ll see it’s a veritable little seed bomb. Cue for salsa verde or – even more ambitiously (and deliciously) – mole verde. 

There are always far more tomates than even I can use, total tomatillo-head that I am. So here’s a thought (for you Basel-, Baden- and Alsace-based peeps): how about a Mexican workshop so we can get to use some up (and much more besides)? I can probably even  give you a few to take home so you can sow them yourselves. It’s been a while since I did a workshop (after my year off in 2016 I came up for air and since then have been busy with loads of writing projects) – and I miss them! Plus autumn/fall feels just right for Mexican food: warm, a little spicy, full of wonderful colours and aromas.


The idea (as always with my workshops) is to construct a full-on, Mexican-inspired menu which we’ll cook and eat together, with wines to accompany. (I’m discovering that certain Alsatian and some Swiss wines – 2 especial interests of mine at the moment – are great with Mexican food.) We’ll work with seasonal products, many of which came originally from mesoamerica – take pumpkins and the whole squash family, corn, beans and avocados just for starters. And in case you didn’t know/have forgotten, I lived for nearly 7 years in Mexico, taught cooking there, wrote The Mexican Cookbook on my return (long out of print, but you can still find used copies lurking on the internet) and have done loads of Mexican workshops here in Alsace, so expect Real Mexican (no Tex-Mex), kind of lightened-up and chilled-out, but always with authentic flavours.

I’m offering two possible dates, one Friday and one Saturday, to enable working folks (the kind who get paid) to attend. I need minimum 6 for a workshop to happen, maximum 10. If we can’t muster 6 people, it won’t happen (if you’re interested but want another date, let me know and I’ll see what we can do):

  • Friday 27 October 9.30 – 13.30, CHF110 (or €95)
  • Saturday 28 October, 10.30-14.30, CHF130 (or €113)

The price includes your printed booklet of recipes, hands-on tuition (your hands, my tuition ;-)), full lunch menu with wines, coffee and water. To express interest or to sign up, send me an email here.

A selection of Mexican dishes we’ve prepared in past workshops

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