Régio Gourmet 2016

It’s Régio Gourmet season again in our Trois Pays region. This annual initiative by some restaurants in the neighbourhood (St Louis, Bartenheim, Hesingue, Huningue, Kembs-Loechle, Village-Neuf, Rosenau), is scheduled from January to early March, when things are a bit sluggish on the eating-out front. The deal is a fixed-price menu with everything included and there are 2 formulas:€39 for a 3-course menu with a couple of glasses of wine, water & coffee or €57 for 4 courses and 3 glasses of wine, plus water and coffee. It’s the chance to check out some places that may be new to you or which you haven’t visited in a while, and to fill up a few tables at what is for many restaurateurs a lean time of year.

This year there are 14 restos participating. Some (Bistrot La Cave in Saint Louis, Au Boeuf Noir in Hésingue) already feature in my Eating Out Alsace, Basel, Baden pages; others are new to me – maybe to you too.

This year’s campaign runs from 8th January till 6th March and you can download the list of participating restos at http://www.regiogourmet.com/. Have fun, bon app and be sure to let us know which ones you enjoyed (or which ones to avoid).

Choux pastry/cream puff with strawberries, Autour de la Table, Huningue, one of this year’s participating restaurants

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