Comfort Food – Toad in the Hole

1-8-IMG_0370A good toad-in-the-hole is perfect comfort food for the depths of winter. A soothing dish of sausages baked in batter — the same as for Yorkshire puddings — it’s a distant cousin of pigs in a blanket, only that the sausages, instead of being tightly swathed in a blanket of pastry, are reclining in a delicious duvet of batter, which billows up agreeably around them. Get the full story here, on Zester Daily.

4 thoughts on “Comfort Food – Toad in the Hole

  1. Hello Sue. Although I had heard of Toad in the Hole before, I had never had it until I made it last night using your recipe. It was terrific, and it looked just like the above picture. While we can’t get Montbeliard sausage here in Maine, I substituted a smoked sausage from a nearby farm that smokes several types of sausage from their own pigs.

  2. HI Bob – love to think of you comforted by a toad in Maine – sounds like you could use some comfort with the weather they’re throwing at you! Enjoy…(the toad, rather than the weather 😉

    1. Any toad out now in Maine would be buried and frozen. We’re in the middle of the 3rd snowstorm in a week, with bitterly cold weather.
      By the way, Sue, my wife and I will be going to the Bugey region and the Jura this Spring. You referred me to Wink Lorch a few years ago for info about Bugey, which she gave me, and now I see she has a book out on Jura wine. And I see from your blog that you have an article about the Jura in the recent issue of Decanter. While I’m not sure I can find Decanter here, I should be able to buy a digital issue on-line.

      1. Delighted to know you’re headed for the Bugey & the Jura this spring. We were just down there for the famous Percée du Vin Jaune – also bitterly cold and snowy there, tho’ not quite Maine temps. Wink’s book is a must before you go, and I’ll be putting a link up on my site to the PDF of the Jura article in Decanter, so you can catch a glimpse of it there. You can always order a copy direct from them in London too. Have fun!

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