Carnival is in the Air

1-1-IMG_8902You can tell Carnival’s in the air when those gorgeous sugar-dusted, deep-fried wonders called Fasnachtskiechle or merveilles de Carnaval start appearing in Swiss shops. At yesterday’s workshop we staged a raid on the pantry/freezer and came up with this super-speedy, super-simple torte for dessert: lay one of these fragile, sugar-dusted wonders in the bottom of a springform tin, arrange scoops of coffee ice cream on top,  slather with whipped cream into which you’ve crumbled some biscuits (Amaretti, Brunsli or more Kiechle crumbs) and top with a second Fasnachtskiechle…da da. A drizzle of dark choccy sauce doesn’t go amiss either. Brilliant for when you get guests at short notice, and it keeps beautifully in the freezer.


Serves 6-8
2 Fasnachtskiechle
1 litre coffee ice cream
250ml whipping cream (Schlagrahm or crème fraîche liquide)
100g crushed Amaretti, macaroons or Brunsli
125g dark chocolate
250ml water
50g sugar

  • Take a springform tin the same diameter as the Fasnachtskiechli, line with cling film and lay one Kiechli in the bottom
  • Arrange scoops of ice cream close together to completely cover.
  • Put in the freezer for to firm up again
  • Whip the cream until it forms stiff peaks
  • Crush the Amaretti/macaroons/Brunsli in a food processor until they form fine crumbs and fold these into the whipped cream
  • Spread the cream over the ice cream and lay the second Fasnachtskiechli on top.
  • Return the torte to the freezer
  • For the chocolate sauce, break up the chocolate, put it in a pan with the water and the sugar and let it melt/dissolve over gentle heat
  • Raise heat, bring to a boil and simmer for about 10 minutes or until sauce is glossy and somewhat thickened. Cool.
  • Just before serving, release the torte from the springform and peel away the cling film, set the torte on your best plate.
  • To serve, pour a puddle of sauce onto serving plates, lay a slice of torte on top and drizzle a little more chocolate sauce over the torte.

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