Le Boeuf Noir, Hésingue – Happy Anniversaries

IMG_7896-1Today being our wedding anniversary (43 years ago today, All Saints Church Manfield in N. Yorkshire, woohoo), we took ourselves out to lunch. And not just any old lunch, you’ll be happy to hear. We booked at the Boeuf Noir in Hésingue, a favourite spot of ours. Owned and run by Josiane and Jean-Pierre Giuggiola (she in the dining room, he in the kitchen), it’s a small gem of a place, a cut above the average frontalier resto (many of which are over-priced – thanks to the proximity to the Swiss border – and underwhelming).

On arrival, Madame Giuggiola greeted us warmly, took us out onto the small terrace/garden at the back, installed us and announced the Boeuf’s special menu anniversaire. Amazing, we thought, exchanging delighted glances, how on earth did she know…and then discovered that the menu is actually in honour of the fact that she and her husband have been running this great little place for 40 years. We owned up to our own anniversaire (cue for mutual congrats all round), unfurled napkins and awaited the anniversary feast:

MENU ANNIVERSAIRE   40 Ans (40€ + €22 for 3 wines)

Prélude d’amuses bouche
A tiny tasse of iced soup featuring potatoes and truffles

Coupe de Champagne offerte
Freebie glass of Champagne – too excited about the whole anniversary thing so forgot to ask whose, but deliciously lemony and fresh

IMG_7892-1Le carpaccio d’esturgeon à la truffe tuber aestivum et  huile d’olive vièrge
Carpaccio of sturgeon + summer truffles and evoo – fresh, lemony, puncutated by tiny ‘pearls’ of lemon and Balsamic the size of peppercorns that popped in your mouth, perfect on a hot day,
Pinot Auxerrois Kuentz-Bas – golden, aromatic, fresh, lively

IMG_7893-1Brouillade d’œuf de poule à la truffe tuber aestivum
Softly scrambled egg with a shower of truffles, mmm
Saumur blanc (Chenin Blanc) – lovely Loire wine, perfect crisp foil to the unctuous eggs and discreetly aromatic so as to let the truffles do the biz


Carré de veau de lait choisy, risotto à la truffe tuber aestivum, son jus citronné
Pink and succulent milk-fed veal topped with a slice of citron confit and a lemony truffle-y risotto
St Chinian served chilled – loads of red berries, lively and not too heavy for a summer’s day, and took us happily through to…

IMG_7895-1Le parfait glacé, petite salade de fruits rouges à la menthe
Berry ice cream on a thin sponge base with strawberry salad and mint

No supper needed tonight…and already looking forward to the next anniversary – theirs and ours.

And for more on good places to eat both sides of the Rhine and in the Basel area, click here.

6 thoughts on “Le Boeuf Noir, Hésingue – Happy Anniversaries

    1. Thank you Hellmuth – and I haven’t forgotten your idea for a new category of restaurants where you can eat outside…thanks for the suggestion, I’m on the case!

  1. Hello from Pontresina!

    · Incredible – Le Boeuf Noir never fails to please. Such consistency over 4 decades.

    · Belated Happy Anniversary!

    · Hope all is well with you and yours.

    · Hx

    1. aren’t the Giuggiolas just great?! Consummate pros, lovely welcome, delicious food and interesting wine list – what more do you need? Have fun in the mountains, give us a shout when you’re back…

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