A Magnum Opus from Restaurant Bareiss, Baiersbronn, Germany

An astonishing tome just landed with a thud on my desk: it’s an elegant, linen-bound, limited edition of Claus-Peter Lumpp’s lavishly illustrated book about his fabled 3-star cuisine at the Restaurant Bareiss. It’s not the kind of book you can snuggle up with in bed (unless you banish any sleeping partners), or one to take into the kitchen – there aren’t even any recipes (who’d cook them anyway? this is superb restaurant food at its most elevated best). Instead it’s going up on my bookstand on the piano, and each day I’ll be opening it on a different page, showcasing a different dish or the jolly kitchen brigade, headed by the redoubtable Claus-Peter.

Up on my website I’ve updated a piece about dining chez Bareiss, ‘a blow-out for all the senses’, as I noted in both FT Weekend and Condé Nast Traveller.

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