Finger Food for Parties and Potlucks

Okay, brace yourselves, the holiday season is almost upon us! This morning’s workshop featured a range of stuff which will be nice for parties at home, and/or portable enough to take along to potlucks. First we had a fragrant, Thai-inspired soup (hardly finger food, I agree, but serve it in chic little coffee cups and you won’t need a spoon)

Then came a Kugelhopf Surprise – buy the savoury Kugelhopf (with bacon and walnuts, yum) from your friendly neighbourhood baker (Monsieur Marchand in Hagenthal or the Sutter bakery in Basel), cut it in horizontal slices, spread slices with Boursin, fromage blanc and thin slices of cured ham. Reassemble … et voilà!

Next up were some Camembert, apple and onion filo parcels which were fiddly to put together (make them ahead of the party and freeze them) but pretty gorgeous to eat.

Then we did bite-sized, juicy, morsels of chicken and merguez, mmmmmmmmmm topped with cherry tomatoes and mint, ready to pop into your mouth – nice with an aubergine and yogurt dip

The final curtain went up on a frabjous, flourless chocolate and walnut cake from a recipe plundered shamelessly from my good friend Christiane Bisch in Strasbourg.

You’ll find the recipes up on my site some time soon – right now I’m going to lie down in a darkened room to recover.

And if you’d like to be kept in the loop for upcoming workshops, let me know and I’ll put you on the mailing list.

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