16 thoughts on “Workshops”

    1. Hi Kathleen – can do you gift certificates, no problem – am out of town now till after the Ascension w/e. If it’s not immediately urgent (eg. for a birthday or special occasion) I’ll get back in touch week of 13 May. I can make certificates for a weekday workshop (CHF110) or for a weekend (CHF130) with no date specified, so the person can use them when it suits.


  1. Hello Sue,
    I was wondering if you do gift certificates and how I could get them?

    Thanks, Kathleen

  2. Hello Sue, I have heard of your activities in Alsace and enjoy your blog. I founded the French Wine Society in the US and now run the association from Labaroche… near Colmar. Would love to get in touch. Julien

    1. Hi Julien – glad you enjoy the blog, and with your wine interests I’m sure we have lots to talk about! Keep in touch, hope to meet up some time soon

    1. Hi Jo, good to hear from you – I think Philip already let you know that it’s Wednesday, not Tuesday. Hope this suits you, and looking fwd to meeting you next week if so

  3. Hi Sue,

    I have posted your website on my Facebook page, things to do in Basel and my close to 4,000 followers love your site!! Please feel free to post on things to do if you have an upcoming workshop or new news on your site??


    1. Hi Louise – good to hear from you and thanks for adding a link to your FB page. I’ll be putting up the September to December programme next week, thanks for the nudge!

  4. Hi Sue, I am very interested in your classes. Monica Billingsley recommended the classes to me. Thanks,


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