Everything’s a bit quiet now on the workshop front and I’m busy dreaming up fun things for us to do together between September and December…watch this space. The winter/spring schedule, put together with plenty of help and input/requests from regular customers (thanks to all!), was huge fun and they were all sellouts (with an extra veg. one to accommodate the overflow – veggies are always oversubscribed). Amazingly, all culminated with lunch on the terrace (even in February). Here’s what we did:

Friday 13 February – Bread and Pastry, 9.30- 1.30
breadclass3Bread dough can take any amount of pummelling, but pastry needs a light touch. In this workshop we’ll turn our hand[s] to both. First we’ll make bread dough and leave it to rise. Then we’ll get busy on shortcrust/pie crust and turn it into a range of pies and parcels. Finally we’ll shape and bake our daily bread. Lunch will be pastry-based goodies and there’ll be a home-baked loaf for all to take home.

Spring vegetables in an Italian marketThursday 16 April – Vegetable Fusion, 9.30 – 1.30 (+ an extra session on Monday 13th April, 9.30- 1.30)
In this all-veggie workshop we’ll look to both Asia and Latin America for our inspiration, but the raw materials for our menu of light, bright, flavour-packed starters, main courses and sides will be seasonal and local with a definite spring (ahem) in their step.

Thursday 7 May – Fishy Fix, 9.30 – 1.30
1-3-20140901_114325Stumped for what to buy when faced with an array of fish and seafood, and fearful of what to do with it when you get it home? This workshop takes us to the fish counter of a supermarket in France on Wednesday 6 May (venue to be communicated) to see, select and buy. On Thursday 7 May we’ll fix a fish and seafood menu with spring vegetables.

IMG_2921Thursday 4 June – Summer Sharing Buffet, 9.30-1.30 – SOLD OUT (waitlist in the making – let me know if you’re interested)
Tapas, raciones, buffet riche, apéro dinatoire, sharing plates…whatever you call this kind of food, the grazing, mix ‘n match model is all the rage. For our summer workshop we’ll cruise around the Mediterranean selecting an eclectic bunch of delicious morsels to share on your buffet table.


All workshops take place in my kitchen and are for a maximum of 10 people. Seasonal, sustainable, creative, eclectic and hands-on, they culminate in a shared meal around the dining room table (or on the terrace, weather permitting), with wines to match. Weekday workshops run from 9.30 to 1.30 and cost CHF110. This covers your printed recipe booklet, full lunch menu, wines to match our chosen food and loads of fun. All you need to bring is an apron (and it’s not a disaster if you forget – I have a good stock left behind by previous participants ;-)

Looking forward to seeing you again (or anew) for more great times in the kitchen together.

And PS: don’t forget, you can always put together your own private group and choose your own theme and date for a workshop. Feel free to contact me with your ideas and requests.

16 thoughts on “Workshops

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    • Hi Kathleen – can do you gift certificates, no problem – am out of town now till after the Ascension w/e. If it’s not immediately urgent (eg. for a birthday or special occasion) I’ll get back in touch week of 13 May. I can make certificates for a weekday workshop (CHF110) or for a weekend (CHF130) with no date specified, so the person can use them when it suits.


  2. Hello Sue,
    I was wondering if you do gift certificates and how I could get them?

    Thanks, Kathleen

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  4. Hello Sue, I have heard of your activities in Alsace and enjoy your blog. I founded the French Wine Society in the US and now run the association from Labaroche… near Colmar. Would love to get in touch. Julien

    • Hi Jo, good to hear from you – I think Philip already let you know that it’s Wednesday, not Tuesday. Hope this suits you, and looking fwd to meeting you next week if so

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  7. Hi Sue,

    I have posted your website on my Facebook page, things to do in Basel and my close to 4,000 followers love your site!! Please feel free to post on things to do if you have an upcoming workshop or new news on your site??


    • Hi Louise – good to hear from you and thanks for adding a link to your FB page. I’ll be putting up the September to December programme next week, thanks for the nudge!

  8. Hi Sue, I am very interested in your classes. Monica Billingsley recommended the classes to me. Thanks,


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