Below you’ll find the schedule of what’s cooking between September and December. Maybe Sardinian food and wines float your boat? Or you’re up for a bit of fungi-familiarisation? Vegetables are always popular (and Mexico a constantly recurring theme, at least for me), while the last one before the holidays will be a sort of “Sue-meets-Julia” session.

All workshops take place in my kitchen in Alsace, close to Basel, and are for a maximum of 10 people. Seasonal, sustainable, creative, eclectic and hands-on, they culminate in a shared meal around the dining room table (or on the terrace, weather permitting), with wines to match. Weekday workshops run from 9.30 to 1.30 and cost CHF110 or its nearest euro equivalent on the day. This covers your printed recipe booklet, full lunch menu, wines to match our chosen food and loads of fun. All you need to bring is an apron (and it’s not a disaster if you forget – I have a good stock left behind by previous participants ;-)

Let me know here if you’d like to sign up for any or all of the above, and looking forward to seeing you – again or anew – in the coming months.

Sardinia, Olbia photo copyright 24th September – A Taste of Sardinia, 09:30 – 13:30
Every September our family does a farewell-to-summer week somewhere in Italy. Last year was Sicily, this time it’ll be Sardinia. In this opening salvo we’ll put together a menu of some of the island’s typical foods, accompanied by a taste of delicate Vermentino and/or explosive Cannonau.

funghi by Sue StyleThursday 22nd October – Fungi Feast, 09:30 – 13:30
The idea here is to get familiar with the wild and wonderful mushrooms to be found around these parts and to cook up an all-mushroom menu. As an optional extra (and entirely dependent on the vagaries of the season) we’ll take our baskets into the forest to see what we can find. Let me know when you sign up if you’re a potential forager.

a barrow full of pumpkins, copyright Sue Style 2015Friday 13th November – Vegetables, grains and pulses,
09:30 – 13:30
Vegetable workshops are always a sellout (shorthand for “sign up for this one fast”). Since so many of our vegetables today – pumpkins, courgettes, tomatoes, avocados, chiles, beans and corn come to mind – came originally from Mexico (and PS because I lived there for 7 years and love, LOVE the food) expect this veggie celebration to have a distinctly Mexican accent.

IMG_1926-001Thursday 10th December – Sue, Julia & Company, 09:30 – 13:30
I learned to cook through the pages of Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking – as you can see by the state of my JC library. For this last pre-Christmas workshop we’ll revisit some of Julia’s classic French recipes together, with a focus on finger foods and celebration dishes for the holidays.

PS: don’t forget, you can always put together your own private group and choose your own theme and date for a workshop. Feel free to contact me with your ideas and requests.

16 thoughts on “Workshops

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    • Hi Kathleen – can do you gift certificates, no problem – am out of town now till after the Ascension w/e. If it’s not immediately urgent (eg. for a birthday or special occasion) I’ll get back in touch week of 13 May. I can make certificates for a weekday workshop (CHF110) or for a weekend (CHF130) with no date specified, so the person can use them when it suits.


  2. Hello Sue,
    I was wondering if you do gift certificates and how I could get them?

    Thanks, Kathleen

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  4. Hello Sue, I have heard of your activities in Alsace and enjoy your blog. I founded the French Wine Society in the US and now run the association from Labaroche… near Colmar. Would love to get in touch. Julien

    • Hi Jo, good to hear from you – I think Philip already let you know that it’s Wednesday, not Tuesday. Hope this suits you, and looking fwd to meeting you next week if so

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  7. Hi Sue,

    I have posted your website on my Facebook page, things to do in Basel and my close to 4,000 followers love your site!! Please feel free to post on things to do if you have an upcoming workshop or new news on your site??


    • Hi Louise – good to hear from you and thanks for adding a link to your FB page. I’ll be putting up the September to December programme next week, thanks for the nudge!

  8. Hi Sue, I am very interested in your classes. Monica Billingsley recommended the classes to me. Thanks,


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