Finger Food

Makes 24
1 x 30 cm disc of puff pastry
egg yolk to glaze
sesame or poppyseeds
6 mini goat’s cheeses (Chèvretines) + pesto/tapenade or chopped anchovy fillets
OR 150g fresh salmon + rouille or horseradish or other spicy sauce

  • Heat the oven to 220oC
  • Stamp out 24 rounds from the pastry with a scone cutter or glass –
  • Halve the goat’s cheeses horizontally; cut the salmon in 2 cm cubes
  • Put a halved goat’s cheese/salmon cube on 12 of the pastry rounds
  • Daub cheeses/salmon with chosen topping, brush the exposed pastry edges with water and put the second pastry round on top
  • Press edges together firmly with a fork to seal
  • Brush the popovers with egg and sprinkle on sesame or poppyseeds
  • Bake for about 10 minutes or until golden brown and puffed up
  • Serve piping hot on a napkin-lined board or tray

Makes 12 parcels
24 green asparagus spears
6 slices smoked salmon (or prosciutto)
1 packet Chavroux (soft fresh goat’s cheese)
chives to tie up the wraps

  • Snap off woody ends of asparagus and cut in 2-3 pieces depending on size
  • Cook in boiling salted water till just tender – 12-15 minutes max.
  • Allow asparagus to cool, split in half lengthwise
  • Cut smoked salmon or prosciutto to fit, spread with a little Chavroux, stuff with asparagus and roll up into little bundles
  • Tie with chives


Makes 20
10 cocktail tomatoes OR 20 small chicory leaves (red and/or white) OR a head of celery
20 quails eggs
Fillings: tarama/crab paste/hummus/tzatziki/herby cream cheese
Garnishes: celery salt/lumpfish roe/chopped fresh herbs

  • Halve cherry tomatoes and scoop out the seeds with a teaspoon; or separate celery sticks and cut in 4-5 cm lengths
  • Bring a pan of salted water to a boil and boil the eggs for 3 minutes
  • Tip away hot water, replace it with cold to stop the cooking, peel the eggs under cold running water
  • Put a good teaspoonful of the chosen filling in each tomato/at the end of each leaf/on celery stick and top each with a quail’s egg
  • Sprinkle with celery salt/lumpfish or salmon roe/herbs

Makes 10 rolls, to be cut in half
300g cooked prawns, peeled
3 tbsp mayonnaise
1 tsp Thai green curry paste
½ a cucumber, peeled and grated or finely diced
2 shallots, finely chopped
lots of chopped coriander or mint
juice of ½ a lemon or 1 lime
optional: 1 tbsp Nam Pla (Thai fish sauce)
10 soft lettuce leaves, ribs removed
12-14 rice wrappers

  • Mix prawns with mayonnaise and green curry paste
  • Add cucumber and herbs and sharpen with lemon or lime juice and fish sauce (if used).
  • Season to taste
  • Soften wrappers one by one in hot water (some usually break, so there are more than you need), remove, pat dry on a teatowel
  • Line wrappers with lettuce leaves, roll up as tightly as you dare and chill them
  • Cut in half to serve

Makes 20
1 x 250g pack marinated spiced tofu
2 eggs
sesame seeds
oil for frying
soy sauce for dipping


  • Cut tofu in 20 cubes and put in a bowl
  • Put some flour in a plastic bag with some salt and pepper
  • Crack eggs onto a flat plate and whisk up with a fork
  • Put sesame seeds on another plate
  • Shake the tofu cubes in the plastic bag of flour, tip them into a colander and shake well to remove excess flour
  • Dip the cubes in beaten egg and roll in sesame seeds
  • Heat some oil in a frying pan and fry the tofu cubes till evenly golden, turning often
  • Serve with soy sauce

10 new potatoes (or rattes, or other firm potatoes)
1 jar anchoiade (anchovy paste) or pesto
4-5 tbsp crème fraîche épaisse
chervil or flat-leaf parsley

  • Scrub the potatoes in their skins and cook in boiling salted water for 15-20 minutes or until just tender
  • When cool enough to handle, cut them in half lengthwise
  • Mix together the anchovy or pesto and crème fraîche, spoon on top of halved potatoes and serve
  • Garnish with chervil or flat-leaf parsley

2 thoughts on “Finger Food

  1. Dear Sue, could you possibly let me know the recipe for your “Puffpastry Roll” containing Fromage frais, crême fraîche, prociutto. Sesamseeds to sprinikle. Don’t seem to find the recipe anymore.
    Thanks and kind regards Erna R. Widmer

    • Hi Erna – you have to help me out here! Was this something we did at a workshop once? Can’t summon it up at the moment but if you can give me a clue, maybe I can dig something out. Sue

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