Fungi Fever, Mushroom Madness

ceps by Sue Style
Stumpy ceps, fresh from the forest

Freud – according to his many biographers – was mad about mushrooms. But not just any old fungi. He had a weakness for ceps which he hunted in a peculiarly systematic and organised manner. His family were instructed to spread out and make a minute inspection of the forest floor, like a fingertip search for clues in the aftermath of a dastardly crime. Continue reading “Fungi Fever, Mushroom Madness”

Tasting Sardinia – Fregola with Seafood and Saffron

20150905_150408-002Every year for the past three, we’ve celebrated the dying days of summer with the family somewhere in Italy. To date it’s been the Amalfi Coast, then Sicily, and this year Sardinia. We basked in turquoise waters, soaked up the last rays of sun, quaffed fragrant Vermentino di Gallura and explosive Cannonau (aka Garnacha/Grenache) and committed to the barbecue what must have been the priciest fish ever purchased (at least by me) – a dentice, since you ask, and delicious he was too. He weighed in at over 2 kilos and fed 7 of us handsomely for one meal with enough leftovers for a fish salad with avocado, ceviche-style. Continue reading “Tasting Sardinia – Fregola with Seafood and Saffron”