Roll over Pavlova

8 thoughts on “Roll over Pavlova”

  1. Made it last night for a family ‘do’ and it just cracked when it began to roll!! So disappointed but my family just reminded me that there is never a ‘bad’ pav……..just piled it together, smothered in strawberries and it was devoured! However, want to make it again and have it rolled nicely. Can anyone offer suggestions?

    1. Hi Jay – sorry to hear about the cracked pav – can u remember if it was a bit hard when it came out of the oven and no longer pliable? Check the timing – not more than about 30 minutes @ 140C, and once out of the oven, peel it off its paper and as soon as it’s cool (this goes fast – don’t let it sit around for too long), get in there with the cream and fruit. Please try it again and let me know how you got on…and anyway, as your lovely familysays, there’s no such thing as a bad pav ;-) [besides, my golden rule is never tell anyone what you had in mind with your recipe…nobody knows but you]

  2. Thanks…..actually recipe I followed had me cooking it at 120 degrees for just over an hour, so maybe it was overcooked therefore it dried out and just ‘cracked up’. Definitely will try it again and only cook it for 30 minutes. Thanks again for your advice!

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