Cheese: Slices of Swiss Culture

8 thoughts on “Cheese: Slices of Swiss Culture”

  1. tks TTV in Tallahassee Florida! a delicious read about a delish product – hope you have good access to some real Swiss cheese in your neck of the woods – maybe something imported by Caroline Hostettler?

  2. Congrats!! Caroline Hostettler’s cheeses rule. I always like to see the expression on people’s faces when they ask me what’s my favorite cheese and I tell them Entelbucher Schwingerkase. I tell them I like it because pronouncing the name makes me sound like a character in a Fassbinder movie and that the cheese really rocks the nutty, malty grassy combination that make so many of her cheeses magical.

    1. wld love to hear you pronouncing that one – specially with a ripe Luzerner accent! Great name, great cheese – which sadly didn’t make it into the book. Just too many wonderful Swiss farmhouse cheeses to choose from…Enjoy (as I can c u do) !

    1. Hi Fergus – I saw it in German when it came out last year, but haven’t seen the English translation. Two gorgeous books on Swiss cheese within a year – definitely Swiss cheese’s moment!

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