Only the Thick-skinned Need Apply: Making Ice Wine in Niagara

Eiswein, a fabulous elixir made from frozen grapes in the dead of winter, started out as a speciality of Germany and Austria. Now Canada has taken over as the main producer of ice wine.

Eating Out Around Alsace – My Top Ten Today

Not much danger of going hungry – or thirsty – in Alsace. Here’s my selection of today’s top restaurants.

Love Leftovers

Leftovers get a bad rap – quite unjustifiably IMHO. Sometimes I make too much of Something just so I have enough to make Something Else, which quite possibly turns out to be even more wonderful than the original. Take roast(ed) [when did we all start saying roasted, not roast?] vegetables. At Christmas I roast-ed a huge… Continue reading Love Leftovers

Workshops – What We Did

It’s been the autumn/fall of the century here in Alsace with heavenly balmy days and some of the most glowing colours ever seen. Workshops were full of warmth and colour too: September took us to Sardinia, with a full-on Mediterranean menu featuring a salad with fresh figs, smoky pecorino sardo, herbs and toasted walnuts, goat’s cheese mousses with… Continue reading Workshops – What We Did